Flora & Fauna

Excellent Resources for Indigenous Flora

Click on the links below to source some great information on our amazing and beautiful flora.  We are so lucky to be in an area where there are large patches of remnant vegetation, protecting some now rare species of flora.

Excellent Resources for Indigenous Fauna

Eastern Pygmy Possum – sooo cute!

Click on the links above to find some really interesting and educational information on our native wildlife and ways you can help keep them here.  We are very lucky to live in an area of such diversity, where so many of our gorgeous species still live.  There’s not many areas where you will find species such as the Sooty Owl, Eastern Pygmy Possum, Greater Glider, Lace Monitor, Yellow-bellied Glider, Long-nosed Bandicoot and so many more.  We are very lucky and should feel obliged to look after these precious beings who share our backyard.

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