Excellent Resources for Weed Identification and Control

Click on the links below to find some really good information on specific weeds, weed identifcation, weed control techniques, how to obtain hard-copy resources and much more!

Blackberry – Rubus fructicosus – Nasty nasty

Become a Weedspotter…

Weed Spotters assist the Victorian Government by looking out for and reporting State prohibited weeds.

Weed Spotters are individuals with an interest in plants including gardeners, contractors, consultants, horticulturalists, local government staff, and other agency staff including Parks Victoria, Catchment Management Authorities, DEPI.

There are a range of training activities and publications available to Weed Spotters to assist them to identify State prohibited weeds. Training includes weed identification, distinguishing characteristics of the target weeds and how to make a State prohibited weed report. Publications include a handbook, WEEDeck and subscription to the regular Weed Spotter newsletter.

The information gathered by Weed Spotters helps to locate new infestations of State prohibited weeds and assist in their management.

Click on the link below to find out more on how to become a Weedspotter:

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