Weed of the Season

JULY - Gladiolus Undulatus  (Wild Gladiolus)

Gladiolus UndulatusHere is another winter weed that may have appeared over the past few months on properties around McMahons Creek. It’s one of the Gladiolus bulbs and can easily spread out into bushland if not treated. One way to manage the weed is to dig the bulb out. You will need to be careful if you attempt to dig the bulb out as you will also need to dig deep enough to also remove the tiny small bulbs that are attached to the main bulb. The bulb itself will grow many tiny bulbs directly under the main plant. Another method includes treating the weed with Nufarm. Weedmaster®. Duo. Dual Salt Technology Herbicide. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 360 g/L GLYPHOSATE by simply applying the herbicide directly to main leaf that is growing out of the bulb. The third and final treatment option is to spray the the weed with Brushoff as this will also kill the attached bulbs.

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